How to choose the mobile storage facility: Things you need to know

How to choose the mobile storage facility: Things you need to know

When deciding where to store your personal belongings, it’s essential to make the suitable option of the storage facility. It’s necessary to choose the best storage facility for your items if they are costly or significant enough for you to spend to store them.


There are many causes for which you might need to hire a storage facility, particularly if you stay in Vancouver. Maintaining your possessions in a dry, safe, inexpensive, simple to use, and with sufficient room to store anything are some things to consider.


When selecting the low cost storage Vancouver that best suits your demands and budget, Storguard in Vancouver offers taking into account the following 4 factors:


Size of Lock

Locker size is an important factor to consider. If you do not have sufficient self-storage, you put yourself and your belongings at risk of getting damaged. Most storage lockers are between 3 and 13 square feet in size. No matter how much you have to store in Vancouver, from a few boxes to a full household to business equipment, it’s best to talk to a self-storage facility first.



The price of the locker is equally as significant as its size. The risk of being left without a place to keep your belongings if your locker costs exceed your budget. You may save time and money by comparing several Vancouver self-storage options costs. Many places let you pay with a credit card, a debit card, or regular cash.



Simply put, self-storage includes you stowing your belongings on your own. That’s why finding a Vancouver self-storage facility with 24-hour monitoring is important. Try to find a place with good lighting, guards on duty 24 hours a day, fire protection measures, and digital monitoring for protection. Due to these security measures, your self-storage unit will be watched over constantly, preventing unneeded damage or unauthorized access. You may usually buy a lock for your storage locker at the facility.



When looking for a place to store your things, ease in getting to them is just as essential as the store itself. The storage unit’s accessibility depends on the local traffic conditions, especially if you need to bring a large vehicle. It is essential to be aware of the weight and height limitations of trucks. A related issue is parking. Making sure there’s enough convenient parking is a major factor in your choice.


There are many uses for self-storage facilities in Vancouver, but regardless of your motivation, you should investigate the locker’s dimensions, cost, security measures, and ease of access.



If you’re looking for a place to store your stuff, make sure to choose a self-storage facility that’s accessible, well-maintained, and safe. These and the other features we’ve covered guarantee that your belongings will be safe and secure until you need them.


There may be a lot of options near you, but if you happen to be in the Greater Vancouver area, stop by our shop upak mobile storage. We’ll do our best to impress.