Romania Approves Draft Law on Accession to Schengen Information System

The Romanian government has approved a draft law on the country’s accession to the Schengen Information System (SIS).

According to a press release that has been issued by the authorities, the draft was approved on Wednesday, November 2, reports.

The authorities have revealed that the draft law ensures the legal framework that is needed for the participation of Romania in the exchange of data with the Schengen Area member states.

In addition, the Romanian authorities have pointed out that the draft law includes regulations aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the SIS, strengthening data protection as well as extending access rights.

“All these improvements are now transposed, through this draft law, at the national level, ensuring the alignment of the National Alert System (N-SIS) to the Schengen Information System,” the statement of the Romanian authorities reads.

Moreover, the authorities noted that necessary mechanisms must be created for the newly introduced aspects in order to allow their implementation.

Apart from the above-mentioned, it has been revealed that in line with the new rules, competent authorities will have the right to access, provide, and consult the system.

The Schengen Information System is one of the largest databases of the European Union, which contains more than 40 million alerts for people and objects.

The System permits authorities to share as well as manage information on missing and wanted people and illegal entries into the Schengen Area. Moreover, the System also allows the authorities to share and manage information on stolen or lost b=vehicles and on stolen identity documents.

SIS consists of three elements – a central system, National SIS systems, and a network between the systems. All the countries that use SIS are responsible for setting up and managing the system and its structure.

In addition to the above-mentioned, SIS allows different authorities from the Schengen Member States to access it and enter alerts. Border and migration authorities, police authorities, customs authorities, judicial authorities and visa and immigration authorities have the right to access SIS.

This means that as soon as Romania is granted accession to the System, its authorities will be able to access, share, as well as receive information.

Previously, reported that Romania is expecting a final decision on the Schengen membership to be taken in December.

The Justice and Home Affairs Council confirmed that the decision would be taken at the beginning of December, and at the same time, it has been reported that there will be two EU meetings this month.

Romania Approves Draft Law on Accession to Schengen Information System