Westside Outlaws doesn’t have a director of members

There are quite a few members of Westside Outlaws on Onion Lake and if the accused didn’t know someone was a member she would be in breach, argued lawyer

LLOYDMINSTER – Imposing a condition of not associating with street gang members is unreasonable, argued North Battleford lawyer Andrew Lyster.

Lyster was referring to the release of a young offender, a Westside Outlaws gang member who has been in custody four months. 

“The Westside Outlaws is not like a law society, they don’t have a website with a directory of their members,” Lyster argued in Lloydminster court Wednesday.

“There are quite a few members of Westside Outlaws on Onion Lake,” said Lyster, adding that is where the youth is from. “If she didn’t know someone was a member she would be in breach.”

Instead of imposing that condition, Lyster argued that the court should impose a condition that the youth not be around her boyfriend, 36-year-old Courtlin Littlewolfe, a known Westside Outlaws street gang member.

The youth was arrested in August 2021 with 36-year-old Littlewolfe. Last month, Littlewolfe was sentenced in Lloydminster, Sask., court to 10 months in jail after he pleaded guilty to two counts of obstruction of a peace officer, three counts of failing to appear in court, and driving while prohibited. Littlewolfe also had charges in Lloydminster, Alta. He was arrested in January 2021 and charged with 18 drug trafficking and firearms offences – all of which were dropped in Lloydminster, Alta., court March 15. Lloydminster is Canada’s only border city and straddles the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Lloydminster, Alta., RCMP station serves both sides of Lloydminster. Each side of the city has its own provincial court. 

North Battleford Crown Prosecutor Steven Larocque asked the court to impose a condition on her probation that she not be around any street gang members, including Littlewolfe.

“Courtlin Littlewofe is quite an involved Westside Outlaws street gang member and is her boyfriend,” he said.

Lyster, however, said the youth has left the street gang and wants to change her life.

“She did what she had to get out, a minute, a one-minute beating. She had gone through that to get out.”

Larocque asked the court for 18 months probation. He said the youth was driving the vehicle in an incident when she was with Littlewolfe and she drove straight towards an RCMP officer who had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit when she and Littlewolfe were fleeing from police.

Defence asked the court to give the youth 12 months probation, an 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, and addictions counselling.

Lyster told the court that the youth – who can’t be identified in accordance with the Youth Criminal Just Act – had “an abundance of Gladue factors.”

Court heard the young offender, who appeared in court by CCTV, is struggling with mental health issues and addictions, her biological father wasn’t involved in her life and she experienced neglect as a child.

Judge Michelle Baldwin told the youth that she had a lot of charges before the court but said she has taken responsibility by pleading guilty to most of them.

“You are to be given credit for that,” said Judge Baldwin.

“You have spent four months in custody and that’s substantial for a young person with no record.”

Judge Baldwin sentenced the youth to 15 months probation on charges of dangerous driving, resisting arrest, and failing to appear in court. Two drug trafficking charges, possession of drugs, and failing to appear were withdrawn by the Crown. 

She was also ordered not to have any contact directly, or indirectly, with Courtlin LIttlewolfe, not be at his residence or in a vehicle with him. In addition, she was ordered not to contact, or be around, known members of Westside Outlaws street gang or any other gang.

Court heard that the youth also has charges in Lloydminster, Alta., court where she appears next April 12.

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